Electrical Experimentation Lab


Electrical Experimentation Lab


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This picture shows the electrical experimentation room in Reid Hall around 1900. The tangent galvanometer visible in the picture above had been moved and can be seen at the right. Just to the left of it is the Kelvin current balance still in the possession of the department. A little more to the left is a differential galvanometer , easily recognized by the circular compensation bar across its top. An induction coil can be seen in the middle of the picture, and at the the left is Wiedemann's galvanometer (electrotome), sitting on a brick pier to eliminate vibrations. In the foreground is a telescope and scale for reading the galvanometer. To the right of the left door sits an ammeter. Many of these instruments are still at W&L and are listed in this exhibit.


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December 7, 2011
“Electrical Experimentation Lab,” Antique Scientific Instruments at Washington and Lee University, accessed November 13, 2019, https://physicsapparatus.omeka.net/items/show/50.